Training Weekend for Novice and Experienced Rowers

On Saturday, May 6th we will meet at 9:00am in the clubhouse.

After getting to know each other, we will start directly with a 40-minute ergo session, in which we will go through the basic rowing technique for beginners and, for the more advanced, the aim is to refresh and refine.

Before we go on the water, there is a short introduction to rowing on the water which will explain the most important basics. Afterwards, we will head straight out onto the water.
The beginners will start learning the rowing technique in the wide gig boats, while the experienced rowers can take a seat in the racing boats.

After the hard work on the water and rowing machines we will be providing delicious food from the grill and refreshing drinks.

More intensive training awaits us on Sunday, May 7th. First, we start with a short 15-minute ergo session as a refresh from the previous day. Straight after, we go back out onto the water. Here we will continue to improve our rowing skills through technical exercises while training our endurance at the same time.

The final part of the weekend a special challenge is on the agenda: a 500m sprint and 1k ergo challenge. Here we can really work out and test our limits.

Before we leave, we will briefly review the weekend and discuss future opportunities.

If you are interested in the training weekend, register at

We look forward to hearing from you!